Your home is the most important thing in the life of you and your family, so taking the time to consider your options and weigh the pros and cons is essential. We often see homeowners making the same mistakes over and over, so we thought we’d share 3 mistakes to avoid when making roofing decisions. Steer clear of these and you’ll have a beautiful new roof you can count on. Make them, and you’ll be wishing you hadn’t.

Going DIY Without Experience

With all of the YouTube tutorials out there, roofing blogs, and cheap tools available, more and more Canadians are going DIY without experience in an attempt to save money. We want to tell you this now: it does not work! You need to avoid this mistake when making roofing decisions.

We get a lot of calls from angry wives whose husbands thought they were Mr. Fix It and turned out to be Mr. Severely Damaged It. Professionals are paid to do this for a reason. A roof keeps your heat in, protects you from the elements, and helps keep your family safe. Mistakes can not be made here or else people will be in danger. Leave this to the pros.

Rushing contractor decisions

You might be tempted to go with the roofing guys down the street, going with the first result on Google, or searching out the cheapest price, but we want you to know that this is a mistake.

There is a difference between affordable and cheap. When you go with cheap you get cheap. Not researching who your contractor is, what their track record is like, or seeing the results of their work is a recipe for disaster. Avoid this common roofing mistake, and do some digging.

Buying your own materials

Shopping around for a great deal is a good idea, and so is knowing what’s going on with your roof and the materials being used. But trying to take matters into your own hands and buy all of the materials is a big mistake. Contractors have insider deals that allow them to get great pricing. Not only that, we know exactly how much we need. Letting a contractor buy the materials will save you time and money in the end.

Your roof is important to you, and that’s why CLS Roofing provides personalised, affordable, and convenient roofing services in the Ottawa area. We want you to avoid these 3 mistakes when making roofing decisions, because those that make them end up paying more in the end and even putting themselves in danger. Contact us today to get a brand new roof you can depend on!