The Truth about Roof Leaks

Most homeowners are aware that roofing issues need to be fixed, but often put repairs on the backburner for either money or time issues, or maybe just because they don’t even know they have a problem. Some advice out there says you can wait to get them fixed, and others say you can’t wait another moment. Another major issue is that homeowners don’t know what has caused the leak, and therefor don’t know how to get it solved. Let’s look at what causes most leaks and how bad they are for your home. First, what causes roof leaks? The biggest issue that we face with leaks is that we need to determine what has caused them. There are even instances when condensation or issues with the air conditioning system are misdiagnosed as being a hole in the roofing somewhere. There are a few major causes for leaks, the most common of which are:
  • Shingle issues
  • Damaged flashing, sealant, or caulk
  • Improper ventilation- this can cause condensation to build up which is often mistaken for a leak in the roof
  • Exposed nail heads
  • Built-up debris- this not only traps moisture, it accelerates deterioration in your roof
It takes a trained professional to determine the real cause and the necessary steps to repair them. Make sure to get a company over immediately to determine the issue. How bad are they for the home? Whether minor or major, roof leaks can cause major damage to the home. Physical and financial (sometimes both!) damages can be incurred, so there is no time to wait on beginning repairs. Here are some of the major damages that could be the result of waiting too long:
  • Structural damage- water seeping through could damage the structure of your walls and roof
  • Mold- mold thrives in damp environments. Letting too much water in is asking for trouble
  • Financial damages- a small leak is relatively easy and cheap to fix. Large damages in the home are very expensive. The longer you wait the worse it gets.
CLS Roofing has been serving Ottawa long enough to know the dangers of roofing, and in a city where the weather can go to both extremes it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. Knowing what causes leaks and what the dangers are should help to put things in perspective. You shouldn’t put off contacting a professional roofing company any longer.
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Replacing the Roof at the Ottawa Little Theatre: Local Pros for a Local Landmark

CLS Roofing specializes in the roof replacement for commercial buildings in the Ottawa area, and we are proud to announce that our team of professionals was chosen to replace the roof at a local landmark: the Ottawa Little Theatre. We’ve done our fair share of commercial roof replacements around town before, but none have been more exciting than this one. Even the winter couldn’t keep us away. The Ottawa Little Theatre Although it started the Ottawa Drama League all the way back in 1913, the theatre as we know it opened to audiences in a brand new building in 1972. Since then, they have been delighting audiences with reproductions of some of the biggest titles in drama. Since 1913, they have debuted major Canadian plays, opened dramatic festivals, donated money to the war effort, offered classes for children, and expanded education to all forms of drama such as screenwriting and acting. Major renovations The building the theater is in need major structural repairs. The theatre raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from donations within the city to begin repairs in four stages. New lighting and sound equipment was needed, they needed a new roof, and they needed work on the windows and cladding. CLS was honored to be chosen to work on this local landmark, and once we are done replacing the roof, it will look good as new. Rain, snow, or shine! CLS has some of the best in the industry and no bad weather can stop us from getting the job done. The Ottawa Little Theatre needed major renovations immediately, and that’s why they chose a company that could get it done regardless of the cruel Canadian winter. With temperatures well below 0, you need hardy roofers that won’t miss a beat. CLS Roofing is the local leader in commercial roof repairs, and we are proud to have been chosen to help renovate the Ottawa Little Theatre. We know that important local institutions require the highest quality, and that’s what our roofers give. Contact us today to learn more about commercial roofing services and how we can make your building as beautiful as this theatre will be.
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