Nothing can stand in the way of our dedication to getting a job done and getting a job done right.  Even in a rough time of year, we will not be daunted by the chill of the snow.  In fact, we are currently replacing the entire roof at one of Ottawa’s premiere private theaters: the Ottawa Little Theater.  This theatre is in the heart of the downtown area and we are in the heart of winter right now – but that will not stop us from completing a job that needs doing.

We are removing the old roof of the theatre and completely replacing it by installing a new one – and yes, even at this time of year, we would do so.  Some people thing construction work can only happen in the summer or the milder months.  We at CLS  Roofing are confident in our abilities, our professionalism, and our employees to the point where a little snow and sleet does not scare us off from doing a job right and doing it when it needs to be done, regardless of what the calendar might say.

About the Ottawa Little Theatre

This cultural centre has been in existence for a full one hundred seasons and plans to be around for many more.  The theatre has provided the Ottawa area with the very best in theatre and entertainment since the early 20th century.  With our help, we will make sure the theatre continues to prosper with a leak free, efficiency improving roof that will last them for another hundred years.

When you need a roof fixed, you need it fixed as soon as possible.  No one likes to sit around with buckets under a leaky roof when it starts to rain.  Moisture from a leaky roof can play havoc with your home’s wiring – imagine what it could do to a theatre’s lighting setup!

Call us at CLS roofing for us to fix your roof in no time – no matter what the time of year.