Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home for the fall. Many home owners neglect to inspect and repair their roofs for the fall, which can lead to insulation loss and environmental damage during the colder months. Here are a few roofing maintenance tips for fall that will keep your house protected all season long.

Trim Your Trees

During harsh winter storms, tree branches can snap off and cause serious damage to your roof. That’s why it’s important to trim any trees in your back yard or front lawn so they don’t present a danger to your roof. Once the leaves begin to fall, it will be easier for you to see exactly which branches are veering to close to your property, so fall is the perfect time to do some preventative gardening. Trimming your trees early in the season will also prevent leaves from clogging your eavestroughs later on.

Clean the Eavestroughs

Dirt and debris can build up in your eavestroughs over summer, which can clog your eavestrough and make it impossible for rainwater to drain away from your home. As the summer turns to autumn, your eavestrough will likely start collecting many fallen leaves which will only create a larger clog. Prepare your eavestroughs for fall by cleaning out all of the gunk that has collected in them over the spring and summer. If you start the season with a clean eavestrough, you’re less likely to experience leaks and clogs from overflowing rainwater down the line.

The best way to avoid any accidents during the winter is to prepare your roof for the upcoming weather changes in the fall. Roofing upkeep can be a dangerous undertaking, so always consult a professional before performing any roofing maintenance or repairs. For professional and courteous roofing installation, repair, maintenance and advice, contact us today at CLS Roofing.