The winter months are fast approaching, which means harsh weather and severe environmental conditions will soon be under way. Strong wind, snowstorms, ice and hail can take their toll on the structural integrity of your roof. The best way to protect your roof against winter weather conditions is through proper maintenance. Here are just a few ways that you can protect your roof this winter from the professional contractors at CLS Roofing.

Inspect Your Attic

Ironically, some of the most helpful work you can do to prepare your roof for winter can be done from inside the home. Proper ventilation and insulation is essential for keeping your roof in good condition. Proper ventilation allows fresh air to enter your home, pushing out stale, moist air. If your home is not properly ventilated during the winter, there’s a risk that mold, mildew, icicles and thick ice dams will form along the underside of your roof, damaging the structural integrity of your home. Inspect your attic for any signs of mold, mildew, and ice and make sure your home is properly ventilated to prevent these issues.

Have Your Roof Fully Inspected and Repaired

A damaged roof is more likely to cause your problems over the winter months than a roof that has been repaired recently. If you’ve been putting off having those broken shingles replaced or having those cracks in your eavestrough repaired, now is the time to have those simple issues fixed. Damaged shingles, for example, are very easy and cost-effective to replace but can cause leaks, flooding and other serious damage if left in poor condition over the winter. Before the snow really starts to fall, having your roof thoroughly inspected and repaired to bolster its strength against harsh winter conditions.

Winter roofing maintenance and repair is not always easy, and sometimes it can even be dangerous—don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk by attempting to winterize your roof on your own. For professional, experienced and reliable roofing maintenance and repairs, contact us at CLS Roofing today.