We at CLS Roofing have added a new division to the family of our business. This division is called Insta-Bins.  Insta-Bins is a disposal and dumpster rental company that is also based in Ottawa.  This division specializes in clearing the clutter out of your life and keeping the property around a construction or renovation project clean and tidy.

Symbiotic Relationship

We thought it would be the best decision to add a junk removal division to our business, because often times, when replacing or renovating a roof, our roofing professionals need a place to put their removed shingles and other construction waste.  Having these two professional services ensures that the roofing business is neater, faster, and easier to clean up, while the junk removal is readily available for you any roofing professionals working on your home at the time.  After you have received one of our top quality services, you have a great referral system for another top-quality service.

Easy and Up Front

Insta-Bins is populated with experts available for any amount of questions related to junk removal.  Through our new division, you can find the right size of dumpster for your job, you can know what can and can’t go into a bin, get a quote on costs and how to plan out your junk removal project as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We have made sure that our new division is reliable, and comes with the best customer service.

CLS Roofing is proud to announce its expansion, ensuring our highest quality of service can be extended to different kinds of services all over the Ottawa area.  We have complete confidence that our services, and especially our combination of services, will be optimised to exactly what our clients need.  The next time you need roofing or junk removal services, our professional team will be ready to help.