Summer is upon us now, and with the rising temperatures comes a new set of roofing problems and concerns. Spring and summer is usually the time you’ll see the effects of any environmental damage your roof suffered during the winter months. If your roof has experienced winter weather damage, follow these simple tips for summer roofing maintenance and your roof will be in perfect condition in no time.

Give Your Roof a Wipe Down

Many people assume that any debris left on your roof from winter will melt or fall away on its own, but this is not the case. Junk from the fall and winter can get stuck in your gutters, which will clog your drainage system and could cause property damage over time. Debris can also build up on your roof’s surface, which could develop into algae and moss. If left untreated, algae and moss deposits on your roof could lead to moisture damage and rot. Clean out your gutters and scrub your roof to prevent any serious winter damage.

Check for Broken or Missing Tiles

Ice and snow can hide serious structural damage such as cracked shingles. Now that the snow has melted, do an inspection to make sure that everything’s in good shape. A loose or broken tile can cause leakage and insulation problems, which could lead to expensive air conditioning bills in the summer. A quick inspection can help you identify any problems with your roof so you can have it fixed as soon as possible, saving you time and money.

Consult a Professional 

The harsh conditions of winter can leave roofs slippery and difficult to navigate safely. Avoid any accidents by hiring a professional roofing company to handle any of your summer roofing needs. Trying to do roofing repairs yourself can be a personal safety hazard and if done improperly, could lead to further property damage that will require more repairs. Keep yourself and your home out of harm’s way by consulting a professional before going forward with any roofing repairs. If you need to have your roof repaired or upgraded after a long winter, contact us at CLS Roofing Company and we’ll make sure your roof is in perfect summer condition.