Your roof is not invincible. It is susceptible to damage from the elements, and unfortunately, we live in Ottawa, which means that mother nature is especially harsh! Understanding more about some of the common issues other homeowners experience will help you be prepared for the worst and avoid costly repairs. The three most common roofing issues in Ottawa are accelerated aging, the snow, the forces of wind and the blaring sun.

Roofs get older faster

Roofing experts agree that most don’t last more than 30 years. Depending on the material used and the local weather conditions, some may last only 15. Once the roof is 20 to 25 years old, repairs become more frequent, and the need to fully replace becomes clear. Cracked shingles, missing granules, dirt or dark spots and other discoloration are often indications that the roof has its golden years.  The bad thing is that our cold and windy climate often speeds up the process in Ottawa.

Snow and Ice on Your Roof

Have you noticed that it snows quite a bit here? The problem with our winter wonderland is that snow and ice can get trapped on your roof, build up high, and create a lot of extra pressure. We recommend getting professionals to remove it and inspect your ventilation system to ensure everything is working properly. The freeze and thaw cycle that occurs in Ottawa, combined with heavy snow and flash-freezing, can also affect homes with blocked ventilation systems. Once the gutters damn up with ice, they can remain clogged throughout the year, causing a host of brand new problems if they go untreated by a professional.

Wind and Sun on Your Roof

The gale force winds we experience in Ottawa are strong enough to destroy your shingles. These winds can be 70kph or more at times, and can cause the shingles to crack, crease, curl or fall off altogether. Once the shingles reach this point, they are no longer resisting the elements and protecting your home properly. The flashing will now be exposed and begin to deteriorate, causing leaks to start inside the home. By the time the roof’s siding begins to peel and blister, and the shingles have decayed and cracked, the sun’s rays may have already deteriorated the roofing material beyond repair.  This is especially true when the excessive heat from the sun combines with salt residue left over from hailstorms in previous winters.

Mother nature is unrelenting. All we can do is be prepared. If you want to avoid paying more for roof repairs than you need to, don’t hesitate to contact a roofing professional whenever you start to see these 3 most common roofing issues in Ottawa.