Homeowners on the fence about replacing their roofs often wonder why they should invest money into something that is just meant to keep the elements out. The thing is, your roof is so much more important than that. One that is dilapidated with holes in it not only takes away value from your home, it exposes you to the elements. The benefits of a new roof for your home go far beyond aesthetics. So let’s look at a few reasons why you should get it updated as soon as possible.

A new roof adds value to your home

Your home is your castle. It’s where your family stays and where you make your life. But it’s also important to look at your home as an investment. You don’t know if you will be there your whole life, or if when it comes time, you leave the home to your children. Getting a new roof will add value to your home and increase the selling price. Not only is it one of the first things that people notice when driving by, it is also one of the biggest projects to replace. Buyers won’t want to purchase a home they have to invest too much in, but they won’t mind buying something that needs a few minor touch ups.

A new roof saves you money on bills

A new roof is going to cost you money to install, but when it comes down it a new roof will put money back in your pocket every month. Estimates by a governmental energy commission say that 35% of your home’s energy escapes through the walls and roof, and if you have holes in yours, it could be even worse. Getting a new roof with modern, energy-efficient materials will keep your bills down.

A new roof prevents damage

When you have a damaged roof, it can cause further issues within your home. This is especially true in the tough Ottawa winters. All of that water that gets in either from rain or melting snow can get into the walls, structure, or foundation of your home, causing irreversible damage. Not only that, but heavy snow could cause it to collapse. That is the last thing that you want.

If you are on the fence about replacing your roof just because you think it is only for aesthetic purposes, then CLS wants you to know that the benefits of a new roof for your home go far beyond the way it looks. Not only will it increase your home’s value, but it will also prevent damage and save you money on bills. CLS has been helping homeowners get beautiful new residential roofs since 2008, and together we have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.