You may have never noticed your eaves troughs before, but they do a lot of work for your home. Eaves troughs are the pipes that run along the edges of your roof. They collect rain and snow water and send it down a pipe along the side of your house (known as the downpipe), so that the water can be deposited away from your house’s foundation. Here are some of the reasons why eaves troughs are important for keeping your house in peak condition.

Structural Protection

The goal of an eaves trough is to guide water away from your home so it doesn’t pool around the foundation. Water buildup around the foundation of your home can cause leaking, mold growth, and structural damage. Water damage becomes more serious in the winter because water can freeze and cause cracks in the walls of your foundation. Repairing this kind of structural damage to your home can be time consuming and expensive. Save yourself time, money and energy by making sure that your eaves troughs are properly installed and fully functional.

Increase Your Property Value

Eaves troughs can also help increase the property value of your home by raising your curbside appeal. Water damage doesn’t only cause structural damage; it can also create dirt splashing and water stains that will permanent mark the façade of your home, making it look less attractive. Water falling from your roof can also cause harsh soil erosion, which could ruin your landscaping and make it difficult for things to grow in your garden or front lawn. Eaves troughs help to preserve the exterior of your house so that your property value stays intact.

While often left unnoticed, eaves troughs play an important role in the maintenance of your home. Keeping your eaves troughs clear and in good condition is a great way to improve the appearance and structural integrity of your home. If you need eaves trough installation or repairs, contact us at CLS Roofing Company for professional and efficient roofing services.