Finding out why your roof is leaking is the first step toward finding the right solution


Have you noticed discolorations in your ceiling or noticed puddles of water on the floor? Maybe you’ve just noticed a draft or seen your energy bills increase. The fact remains that there is a leak in the roof of your home, and you want to get to the bottom of it. Sometimes it’s a simple patch while others need a more complex solution. Many of our customers in Ottawa ask us: “why is my roof leaking?” – so we thought we’d fill you in on some possible reasons.


Broken shingles


One of the most common reasons that a roof leaks is because the shingles are broken. The good news is that this is easy to spot and usually pretty easy to fix. Examine your home from the outside or get up on a ladder and look closely. Broken shingles are caused by heavy weather, poor quality, or sometimes just age. When the underlying protections of your roof are exposed, they can easily spring a leak. Don’t worry – we can have it fixed in no time.


Clogged gutters


This one usually surprises Ottawa residents since we don’t usually equate the gutters with the roof, but this is one of the most common reasons why the roof is leaking. If leaves and other debris are allowed to build up inside, then water won’t drain properly. This means that it will pool up and get more of a chance to seep through any cracks. It’s time to get your hands dirty!




Age is one of the most common reasons. Certain materials just get old and aren’t resistant as they once were. Over time, the elements will wear them down, and shingles, sealant and other roof materials won’t be able to stop the water from getting in. This is especially true in the tough Ottawa winters. Some common rules of thumb we give are:


  • Asphalt shingles – 20 years
  • Wood shingles – 30 years. More or less depending on weather conditions
  • Metal – 40 to 80 years


Find out when the roof was put on, and see if it’s about to expire. We can help put a brand new roof on for you.


Nobody likes having to constantly get the sheetrock fixed, fetch a pail to catch water dripping down from the roof, or pay big energy bills during the winter. A leak in the roof can cause all of these problems and more. The answer to the question “why is my roof leaking?” is usually a complicated one. The pros at CLS Roofing can help determine why it’s leaking, and get to work repairing your Ottawa roof immediately.